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American CAT high pressure cleans pump
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CAT high pressure cleans pump

CAT PUMPS is the precursor that the car cleans industry, 30 coming for years is car cleans the supplier with high-pressured the mainest pump all the time. The dramatically of pump of 3 force plunger of CAT PUMPS original creation improved the service life of pump 1968. Thenceforth rises, the dependability of pump and function obtained new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, spurred the sale of the market greatly.

Pump of current force plunger of CAT PUMPS high pressure its distinctive buildup is sealed design, special mixture material makes pump is had without but the sealed life of compare, in the meantime, piston of its homocentric and close-grained pottery and porcelain is had tall homocentric spend and super and slick surface. The sealed life of our pump grows 3-4 than competitor times, and maintain every time hind can reach same life. In Euramerican the car of 86 % above cleans operator to choose CAT PUMPS, because they rely on pump to fend, and if wish,only the most reliable pump ability lets them.

CAT PUMPS versatility and long life make they become broad industry to use the first selection pump of the domain. Pump of belt-conveyor pump, straight couplet drive, stretch coupling pump, clutch drive pump and whole pump group are unit, can wash operator option for equipment manufacturer and car.

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