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Chemical fibber filature is metric pump needs to accelerate research and develop
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These year come, filature is metric pump, oily the technology of metric pump develops the agent very fast, breed increases, technical level rises. But the development as technology of chemical fibber filature, the change of craft breed, metric pump must accelerate chemical fibber filature the demand that ability of pace of research and development gets used to chemical fibber filature.

Current, on domestic and international market, homebred and metric pump is in the advantage on the amount is clear, but the breed characteristic from metric pump and technical content analysis, foreign metric pump has absolutely advantage. For instance, gram of Si Nai of company of pattern of German Ba Ma, England is fair
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The foreign metric pump such as department produces a business, their product breed develops more quickly, especially the filature that British Si Nai overcomes a company to throw many material resources and financial capacity to develop hi-tech, high accuracy in recent years is metric pump. Roll out recently 1 heat up pump of filature of polyamide fibber of frit planet type to be used at spinning silk of polyamide fibber Poy into R of 12 1.6cc / , with Yu Diguan island compound spun puissant filature is metric pump, use Yu Fangguan 1313 reach 1414 filature the product such as metric pump. And, foreign metric pump has entered our country market in great quantities, if homebred and metric pump does not quicken pace of research and development, vivosphere will be smaller and smaller.

Metric pump is content of a kind of technology very tall, production difficulty huge key component. Homebred filature is metric pump, oily metric pump should accelerate the agent development pace must innovate. Want to innovate from products plan respect, innovate from respect of spare parts workmanship, debug respect innovation from general assembly, from constituent management technical respect innovates, from tone moving enthusiasm respect innovates.

In respect of products plan technology, homebred and metric pump should mix all sorts of getting together according to the demand of engineering technology of chemical fiber filature the condition of fat viscosity, the design gives the metric pump that accords with filature craft requirement.

We should jump out to design the pattern of the current product that makes inherent norms so, your user is irritated use at the choice, development makes the craft demand according to the user, the design makes an accord with add up to those who use a specific requirement to optimize a product.
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