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Pump of high pressure of American CAT stainless steel
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Series of pump of stainless steel high pressure

Briny desalt pump

Pump series basically uses CAT PUMPS high-powered stainless steel at briny desalt, oil and natural gas, generate electricity, the industrial domain such as mineral separation, its superior fast performance, lowest uses breakdown, accepted recognition is won with special use domain in industry.

CAT PUMPS is system of reverse osmosis of high-pressured seawater desalt the world main supplier that uses stainless steel pump. Its are complete of series316LThe briny desalt processing system that the pump of high-pressured seawater desalt that with double couplet stainless steel material pledges uses at large ship, maritime platform, islands to support system and remote location. All NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) member country must use processing system of briny reverse osmosis in the requirement on vessel of the following ship, and make clear clearly use CAT PUMPS pump:

Submarine = model 317 with 311 pump

Light-duty cruiser = model 157 with 1051 pump

Chaser = model 3537 with 3531 pump

Aircraft carrier = 6767 with 6761 pump

To satisfy the requirement of space of stricture of system of desalt of a few reverse osmosis, the small-sized pump of two kinds of series offers our 2SF and 3CP a kind of compact, light choice, compositive still to the 2SF pump of 0.5-3.5GPM discharge pressure release a powerful person and pulse stabilizer. The high-pressured desalt system that we also can be you is custom-built and special the motive power unit of the design.

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