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Transducer fan water pump controls plan to apply on Sen Lan water pump
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Water pump of 1. Sen Lan uses frequency control implement function brief introduction

(1) BT12S series frequency control implement

Frequency control of series of Sen Lan BT12S implement, it is our company are fan, pump kind mechanical and the transducer of special number type of the design, divide outside having general transducer function, the time rotate function that still pump of loop of frequency conversion pump, frequency conversion secures two kinds of means (receive relay to expand board can come true, detailed sees operation instruction handbook) .

PI regulator is established inside transducer, signal of feedback of two kinds of sensor inputs stock terminal VPF (voltage signal) with IPF (voltaic signal) , still have LA1 of LA2 of terminal of signal of FA of terminal of signal of fire control movement, high water level and low water terminal, and the floor level on pressure calls the police output terminal 30PA, 30PB and 30PC.

The set that BT12S series transducer has unique Morpheus value and come to value (parameter F66 and F67) . Have two when water supply or when two above water pump, the Morpheus value that can ask according to the user set is appropriate and come to are worth. When pressure is worth under Morpheus small pump works; When be worth under come to when pressure advocate pump works; Contrary, when come to of pressure prep above is worth, advocate pump quits the job, small pump works; When Morpheus of pressure prep above is worth, small pump also quits the job, enter Morpheus state.

Transducer of series of Sen Lan BT12S also can serve as general frequency control of course implement use.

(2) SB60P and SB61P series frequency control implement

Structure of circuit of transducer of these two kinds of Sen Lan is identical, it is capacity limits differs only. It is the transducer of vector control type that uses digital processor DSP, performance is better. PID regulator is established inside transducer, also but outside receive patulous board undertake much pump runs circularly.

2. Fan water pump uses frequency control implement control program

Fan water pump has with the control method of transducer a variety of, can choose according to particular case. A few kinds of commonly used program introduce below.

(1) the hand is moved adjust

This is a kind of the simplest control method, operate personnel to be indicated according to appearance namely, the hand is moved adjust the frequency of transducer in order to change wind force or discharge, satisfy manufacturing requirement. This kind of method agrees with the transducer of any type, commonly used the technical reformation at old equipment. FWD to turning signal inputs end, CM is the public end that inputs signal, SB is transfer switch. When SB closes, electromotor M to start; When SB disconnects, electromotor stops. Retain the starting unit of primary facility, plate washer, valve wide-open, make the same score season KM1, KM3 to put through, use transducer transmission. If transducer malfunctions or need overhaul, disconnect KM3, your KM2 puts through, use primary facility to start device and fender valve to have movement. Install to ensure complete, two contactor want KM2 and KM3 mutual and interlocking (include electric, machinery two kinds interlocking) .
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