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Development of market of concrete pump car is rapid
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Our country introduces Japanese technology to begin batch to produce Tong pump car from 1982, through the development of 20 one's remaining years, the design level of Tong pump car, engineering capability had very big rise. At present car of pump of our country Tong produces production enterprise to have more than 10, productivity basically is centered in 31 heavy industry, Hubei to build machine, Liaoning Hai Nuo, Shanghai is horse of star of Pucimaisite, Anhui, medium a few enterprises such as couplet heavy division, crop occupies the 90 % above of entire industry about. It is before 1999, tong pump car of the whole nation year sales volume is controlled for 50 only. After 2000, the produce and sale of pump car estimates rapid growth, crop was 248 2001, crop already amounted to 500 2002 (still import concrete pump car in those days 70) , sales volume estimation achieved 1000 or so 2003.
In the 3 much of pump car — batholith, pump sends system and jib in, domestic product uses an entrance for the most part almost. Chassis is an entrance almost, jib system past also is to basically introduce entrance product, the pump car jib that divides 31 heavy industry at present comes true basically already homebred outside changing, each factory uses other mostly entrance Italy or German jib. As the buildup of each company productivity, pump car pump sends and jib system will be progressively homebred change.

1, pump sends a system

Because the construction of a few large projects needs, the Tong of pump car carries a quantity to increase ceaselessly, irrigate in order to be satisfied inside short time the need of a large number of Tong. The theory of car of pump of general now Tong carries an amount is 100 ~ 120m3/h, the biggest theory carries abroad the quantity already amounted to 200m3/h, the biggest theory carries the pump car that home produces the quantity already amounted to 150m3/h. Pump sends what the system configures big diameter to carry a jar (the diameter is 230mm or 250mm even 280mm) , have it is good to suck makings function, the merit with stroke little time, decreased to wear away not only, and reduced operation cost.

Tong carries pump to have maximum pressure is little quantity and low pressure are great to measure 2 kinds of pump to send kind, because this tall low-pressure switch is one of mode of operation with Tong pump the mainest vehicle. Traditional pump car is used change the way that accepts oil cylinder to join glue is in charge of, waste time and hydraulic pressure axis not only, and can pollute hydraulic pressure system. And new-style pump car was used full automatic technology of tall low-pressure switch, need not stop when switch machine, the operation is in only flashy finish, simplified greatly pump car operation.

Form of Tong allocation a powerful person basically has S to provide a powerful person and flashboard a powerful person or family. In addition each production business returns those who developed each a few characteristic to allocate a powerful person, be like Pucimaisite the C of the company a powerful person, skirt a powerful person of company of the mattress that impose safeguard. The aggregate that in be aimed at our country construction, uses is the characteristic of clastic rock more, domestic production business is in fragile wearability respect had a few research, use new wear-resisting material, new technology, new technology, better land was solved fragile wear away fast, change fixture of frequent, influence is regular the problem such as construction, make its life rises greatly.
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