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Factory of water pump of Hunan report Changsha limited company and United States Foss the company is joint-stock Fu Sixiang report grew established Hunan to limited company established pump pump line of business on May 31 and hold the ceremony that uncover a shop sign, joint-stock both sides expresses to want to build the company the strongest pump estate company on the world, lead equipment of phone of nucleus of preexistence our country to make a domain obtain a breakthrough.

Xie Darong: Nuclear pump is areca of the knot on “ high tree, mounts whose foretaste ” first

Come on a special trip when Xie Darong of office vice director is accepting a reporter to interview, major equipment says the Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference that joins the celebration that uncover a shop sign: Perspective of development of report of “ China nucleus is very wide, nuclear power plant uses pump is the product that domain of our country major equipment hopes to obtain a key to break through, technical content is high, especially nuclear report advocate count an import basically still pump of pump, concrete spiral case at present. Line of business of pump of long pump of report of Hunan blessing Si Xiang the establishing of limited company, will produce far-reaching effect to driving the innovation of industry of our country pump and even world pump industry to develop, take the trade that it is pump internationalization road and product of pump of nucleus of implementation our country homebred change rise to urge action actively. ” changes the company with manufacturing high rate to have in invite public bidding of project of domestic nucleus cable as a result of this locality preferential the right that win the bid, transnational corporation increases international pump line of business to be spent in investment force of China in succession, some is joint-stock run a plant, some and in square cartel bids. Xie Darong hopes when with Foss company high level compares notes the beauty just increases the strength that makes over to Chinese technology, in widen ceaselessly cooperative domain while, the technical area that updates more quickly comes to China. A libretto says her apply mechanically: The nuclear pump of “ China is areca of the knot on ‘ high tree, mounts whose foretaste ’ first, divide Foss outside the company, a lot of transnational corporation saw the tremendous potential of market of Chinese nucleus cable, increased investment strength, there is no lack of among them like Foss as native land as China cartel bids like the company. Who wants to win a winner to move in Chinese market, who has to take best skill to China inside the shortest time, implementation mainland turns production. ”

TomFerguson: Hunan report long pump is that associate that I am searching all the time
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