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Lend Hunan report long pump Foss market of equipment of intervening nucleus phon
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The United States Foss company (FlowserveCrop) has 200 old histories, it is global fluid motion and the cacique that dominate product and its service industry, it is the only on the world owns pump, a powerful person and seal unit at the same time 3 old products, can offer to the client one-stop the supplier of the service, scope of business covers Wu of electric power, oil and natural gas, chemical industry, water and other industry, company of very much large energy includes China in petrifaction, medium the client that oil is it.

The United States Foss Juan Mr Guson says TomFer of president of company pump department: “ comes for years, I am in China all the time look for an ideal partner, found eventually today. We will side-by-side the Chinese electric power that contend rises abruptly quickly and water Wu market, especially market of nuclear phone equipment. ”

Before this, foss the company already sold a product more than 20 years in China, own the many service station such as Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and Shenzhen, established Foss in Suzhou last year the fluid is controlled (Suzhou) limited company, basically produce valve and seal unit. Because the development of Chinese electric power, petro-chemical industry is rapid, the demand growth of the fluid control equipment such as pump, a powerful person is in every year 20% above. The company values Foss the tremendous potential of Chinese energy industry, the attention of nuclear cable industry that to presenting “ to erupt the gender grows ” has add, claim to will be in China nuclear cable industry exhibits boxing foot greatly. For quick enter this market, they seek a partner extensively in China, had negotiated with the business of industry of a few pump of our country early or late and buy, all did not win a success.

Chen Neng: Discovering Foss is a kind of surprise, we have vast cooperative space

When Foss seeks a partner in China, be Hunan report during long pump quickens internationalization pace. Hunan report grows pump president Chen Neng to say: “ is in the contact of company of estate of as famous as numerous international pump, foss gave us the surprise. Foss company history is long, be famous in the whole world, have the world's most advanced technology and administrative pattern; Our Hunan report grows pump to there is ‘ north to have Shenyang in domestic element, the beauty that there is long pump ’ south praise, have stronger engineering capability and sale network, bilateral and complementary sex is very strong, cooperative space is very vast. ”

After limited company recombined with asset of Xiangtan electric machinery 2004, factory of Changsha water pump realized rapid development, annual produce and sales revenue by before recombining 100 million multivariate, development arrives 2006 600 million multivariate.
The company undertakes with great quantity technical reformation, cover an area of 200 mus, total floor area of 47000 square metre cast base, and cover an area of 200 mus, the machine that always invests 374 million yuan loads base last year in succession start working, go well at present. The pace that the technology innovates also is accelerated apparently, tackle key problem mainly south report of fire of pump of water north air, desulphurization pump, dredger pump, 1 million aircrew all gains revolutionary headway circular pump, the electric machinery of fire of the first 1 million class that manufactures a success group loop pump, for our country 1000 kilowatt generation set is homebred change solve “ first first ” problem made outstanding contribution.
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