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Lend Hunan report long pump Foss market of equipment of intervening nucleus phon
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After the company recombines established nuclear cable project technically to head a group, made group of electric machinery of nucleus of class of 1 million kilowatt use the development strategy of pump, affirmatory with groovy island pump, nucleus 23 class pump, nucleus advocate the product that pump gives priority to develops a target. Ministry of company foreign trade signed Pakistan 2005 Qiaxima the supply agreement of pump of C2 project loop, the product infiltrates first nuclear report domain. On April 14, 2006, be in again Shenzhen and mountain east limited company signed nuclear report mountain of base of phone of Daya Bay nucleus bay 2 period groovy island add up to the supply agreement of 26 centrifugal pump and equipment of mixed flow pump, still signed follow-up project at the same time the agreement offerring money of 52 water pump, indicating long pump company is overall thereby domain of report of push forward nucleus.

Make an appointment before “ marriage ” red edge river

Joint-stock company uncovers card ceremonially, zhou Jianxiong of president of Xiangtan electric machinery and United States TomFerguson of president of company pump department uncovers Foss to build together in “ Hunan Fu Sixiang report grows pump pump line of business when the red silken cloth on board of limited company ” , zhou Jianxiong tightens the hand of cinch the other side to say tastily: What “ presses China is consuetudinary, lift next red lid heads, we calculate married! ”

If joint-stock company uncovers a card to be ” of marriage of “ of form of form of joint-stock double Founder, so they have tacit agreement early before “ marriage ” , bid jointly river of Liaoning red edge pump of spiral case of concrete of project of cable of 1 billion made of baked clay nucleuses, at present both sides is undertaking preparative actively.

It is reported, line of business of pump of long pump of report of Si Xiang of blessing of Sino-US and joint-stock Hunan limited company head period invest 120 million yuan of RMB, joint-stock both sides takes 50% equity each, by in just hold the position of president. Company scope of operations is equipment of pump of research and development, design, sale, environmental protection, electric machinery and product of its form a complete set, the development that offers new product, new technology and technical service. The company will pass the collaboration of economy and technical domain, make full use of pattern of the advanced technique that network of resource of the engineering capability that long pump has, talent, sale and Foss have, management, undertake high quality, Gao Shui accurate water pump is made and be sold in China jointly. Company development target is to become the world's strongest pump product to create a company, strive to make a domain take the lead in obtaining a breakthrough in equipment of Chinese nucleus phone with the rapiddest rate.
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