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2005-2010 year market of Chinese hot pump is forecasted
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2005-2010 year market of Chinese hot pump forecasts market trends 1, the 2005-2010 that uses two kinds to forecast angle to reach year technology of land source hot pump warms in China sale forecasts a market the value is basic and same, forecast a result to see next tables:
2, two kinds forecast worth difference to be less than 8% , majority is between 1%-5% , develop be identical of trend cardinal principle, this specification forecasts a result to have certain scientific sex and reliability. Afore-mentioned forecasting belong to low forecast, real progress may prep above calculates a value. 3, two kinds forecast angle place to get year of average increase rate that reach, it is respectively 16.8% with 18% . To 2010 the sale of system of land source hot pump achieves 7.65 billion yuan to mix 7.51 billion yuan respectively. The sale of aircrew of land source hot pump mixes 3.003 billion yuan for 3.06 billion yuan respectively. Of 16.8%-18% average prospect of year of market of hot pump of source of land of China of growth rate specification is very good. 4, make land source heated up share of pump aircrew market to also be occupied only 2010 already at that time 3.3% of total sales of market of Chinese air conditioning. If plus the heating equipment market at that time, of the air conditioning when Chinese land source heats up the market share that pump aircrew place holds to be become namely and amount of heating market sale 2% the left and right sides, the market share photograph that heats up pump to already popularized a country to exceed 10% with land source is compared, very low still, this explains space of the following 2010 development is larger.
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