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In couplet heavy division makes concrete pump of forceful superhigh pressure met
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In couplet heavy division makes concrete pump of forceful superhigh pressure meticulously Recently, couplet weighs development of branch of division concrete machinery to give concrete pump of HBT110.26.390RS superhigh pressure in. This pump sends high-powered concrete construction to measure a body to make for freeboard layer pump, inadequacy of tall, square quantity, pump sends the “ pressure that when solving freeboard layer pump effectively to carry, appears the common problem such as difficult ” .
The biggest characteristic of extrahigh voltage pump is motivation driving, pressure tall, square amount is large. It uses two diesel engine, part drive group of two oil pump, power of applied double power is confluent technology, promotion pump sends pressure and square volume, make pump sends smoother and strong. Because exceed what high-level pump sends concrete,push obstruction instead particularly big, new product is right hopper, allocate, pump sent an orgnaization to undertake special design, swing oil cylinder but double action offers oil, increased inverting pressure greatly; Hopper uses fictitious emulation technology, undertake to it to load experiments, ensured crucial the function such as an intensity, stiffness; Use special add thick model concrete duct and strengthen model high pressure is sealed pipe buckle, ensured of conduit sealed with wear-resisting function.
Excellent part assured the reliable quality of HBT110.26.390RS extrahigh voltage pump, its market prospect is satisfactory, there are 4 users to be booked early when the design. Now already an extrahigh voltage pump is thrown in building site of edifice of trade of lukewarm city nation use, pump sends C60 high-powered concrete, use in order at present.
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