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One pump is right much well
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In process of development of oil field stiff oil, classics regular meeting uses polymer. Because polymer solution is liquid of Newton of a kind of blame, suffer machinery to cut viscosity loss big, polymer medium carries requirement adjustment ball valve a standard-sized sheet or close completely, can cause very big polymer to cut otherwise, normally 1 is noted get together pump can be noted to a well only get together. Namely 1 is noted get together pump can be noted to 1 only get together the well offers polymer mother solution. If note,get together pumpage is more than note get together the amount of polymer mother liquor that well place requires, appear mother liquor quantity surpasses the case that record; If hit circumfluence, cause polymer substantially cut, because wear away,cause ball valve at the same time and appear inside leakage.
Go up oneself century drive craft throws 90 time polymer since till industrialization popularizes application,forerunner experiments, this problem did not get all the time very good solve, concerned equipment manufacturer also undertook low the development that cuts a powerful person, all did not win a success, make polymer drive technology a pendent technical difficult problem. As the balance type is low cut end the development of control valve is successful, realized 1 to note get together pump is offerred to much mouth well at the same time get together, much pump gives much mouth the well for getting together infuse.
Core of a powerful person of this a powerful person uses round cone-shaped design, fluid passageway is arc, v alloy data is used in the sealed place of core of a powerful person and valve base, have stronger be able to bear or endure erode quality, assure the sealing of valve. Valve transmission system is sealed use step-down technology, the adjustment that assures valve flexibility, achieve the goal of balance adjustment.
In August 2005, balance type is low cut end control valve is in Gu east 2 areas are noted get together the station has a test, realized 1 to note get together pump can offer mother solution to 2 wells at the same time. Experiment more through half an year, prove this a powerful person has precision of mother liquor adjustment reservation of convenient, viscosity leads tall, field work tall characteristic. Spot sampling detects make clear, control valve leaves degree when a standard-sized sheet, 2/3, 1/2, 1/4, viscosity reservation rate all is in 98% above.
When field work, through reserving pump flow, adjust each valve leaves degree, make some is noted get together redundant polymer mother liquor offers pump to require well technological process to place, realized much pump to offer polymer mother solution to much well, rose to note get together the moving efficiency of pump and utilization rate.
The data shows, balance type is low cut end control valve is being noted get together field test applies to devoted dimensions, indicating one pump is right much well, much pump is right much well is noted get together craft day attain mature, have good promotion application prospect. Information source: Oily net releases a person in: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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