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Giant Beijing of a powerful person of vacuum butterfly entity appears
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Respecting valve, the most good-sized possibility that we see at ordinary times namely hand is old. On the international valve exposition that kicked off yesterday nevertheless, exhibited a butterfly form valve that exceeds a sousaphone, we go seeing it after all have how old. The reporter goes looking glass: You had seen so big valve you must not think it is a prop this is a true valve substance is the biggest on the world that this is our country own research and development its caliber has vacuum butterfly a powerful person 5 meters to carry this colossus from Wen Zhou.

As we have learned, valve of form of this kind of vacuum butterfly basically is used in the device such as the engine of the plane. And this valve call 0.14 seconds to close valve quickly, basically be to be used in nuclear report, firepower to generate electricity to go up with steamer technology. Just as its name implies, once turbine appears breakdown, it can be in 0.14 seconds urgent shut, prevent turbine explosion. This valve is the sealed and best high temperature high pressure on the world 0 leak metal butterfly form valve, according to international standard, the leakage rate with the fixed be patient of when this kind of valve is working, but this valve can make sure valve of a steam does not leak. Information source: Net of China pump valve releases a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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