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Daqing oil field: Taste conquer of rotor of pottery and porcelain newly to block
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Academy of project of oil extraction of Daqing oil field gives birth to “ of a world again pump of screw of pottery and porcelain of ”—— of super good child. Its come out, solved oil field a hard nut to crack that pumping unit of 3 yuan of compound drive blocks pump.
3 yuan of compound drive are the technology of 3 oil extraction with Daqing particular oil field, recovery ratio compares water drive tower above at least 20 percent. But, encounter difficult problem however when promotion uses this technology. Some wells use 3 yuan of drive to be less than 6 months, pumping unit blocks pump. Original, as a result of the action of chemical medicine fluid, the rotor on screw pump often writtens guarantee a very thick dirty. Card pump causes very big loss, change a new pump to get 3000 multivariate, operation expenses also gets 30 thousand yuan. This problem is called by figure ground wildcat “SARS” .
Then, technology of composition of academy of oil extraction project tackles key problem group, begin to study this one issue. Tackle key problem the group has put forward a lot of design train of thought, but not ideal. Later, one member breaks out crank, think of to design pump of screw of pottery and porcelain from rice bowl couplet. Reason is: Pottery and porcelain is fought already corrode, written guarantee not easily again dirty.
They ask an expert to help recipe of handpick pottery and porcelain, the pottery and porcelain of color of a silver grey. The pottery and porcelain that besmear goes up, not only very hard and very smooth. “ is super good child ” was born so. This kind of pump enters experiment area, the effect is quite good.
Avoid long period grew. Oil extraction on division of 4 factories test well of pump of screw of 4 pottery and porcelain, current, avoid on average long period achieve 330 days, the longest achieve 420 days. Compare with ” of machine of common “ kowtow, overhaul period lengthens 150 days at least.
Do not written guarantee dirtied. Apricot 2 in the pump of screw of 4 pottery and porcelain of division of 3 yuan of tests pumps oil more than 1 year, rotor surface dirties without the knot, coating of pottery and porcelain also was not worn away.
Rotor of pump of screw of pottery and porcelain still can repeat use. The rotor of pottery and porcelain that oil extraction 4 factories had used installs the researcher to go up in a new pump, do a test to division of a new test again next. Result, rotor of this pottery and porcelain still holds out a club.
To now, this kind of new pump already was in factory of 4 oil extraction to go up early or late 37 wells. Information source: Oily net releases a person in: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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