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In organism but drive pump and valve bionics stick glue agent
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The earth is blue look in aerospace, because among them 70% it is marine. Ocean is right for us, it is a tremendous and wonderful treasury. In a lot of things in this treasury the treasure that is human place need.
Jellyfish is formed by water entirely almost, medium water divides its body to be occupied actually to 98% , between the element that forms its body, having many liquid, can obtain day of commonly used aggregate glue from which through abstraction.
In the eye of material scientist, there still are a lot of live things in the sea new material. For instance holothurian be soft and rich flexibility normally, but when it is browbeaten, it can make its body hardens, be what element makes it produces such change?
There is many gel inside holothurian body, namely protein and adipose. Adipose a kind when also belong to gel, its consist in inside all sorts of animal body, also include our mankind of course. It is extremely common that gel serves as a kind of material, but the character that it has other data to cannot be offerred. Endure with all one's will still can carry after for instance a gel was absorbing the 30 times moisture at oneself bulk, and feel dry. Scientists are considering to let gel can move now. You see this is a polymer leg that uses gel drive in kickball, and because gel moves to trying,goalkeeper also is save. Their shift is by pilot of weak electric current. If change electrode, gel is met forward opposite way is mobile.
Look seem a game, but this kind of soft material can use drive electric machinery, pump and valve in the future. Those who make nature interior maintains together is not to seam a needle, not be rivet, also not be to solder. Actually everything is the join that use gum. The join that use gum can provide good insulation not only, more important is it can be used easily more quickly, can bear than mechanical join greater stress.
Careless Ling uses body excretive glue to stick its egg in a safe height quickly, the glue that he uses is in a few seconds in harden, egg returns suspension to be in sky almost. Compare with artificial sizy photograph, this kind of glue does not have the volatilization of poisonous dissolvent, absolutely environmental protection.
Termite uses adhesive to build their hillock not only, the canaliculus that still can carry the head to foe jet adhesive. Then people made weapon — of the job do glue artillery shell together according to same principle.
The mussel in ocean has a more breathtaking gooey patent. He himself complex sufficient silk, can secure oneself like anchor go up in rock and sand, it is the insurance of mussel life. This kind of adhesive extremely tough, and in underwater OK and sclerotic, to our mankind, its action is self-evident, then the scientist undertook study to it.
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