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Well of 3-456 of Pu of Central Plains oil field is shot collect couplet to make
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Oil extraction of Central Plains oil field the well of 3-456 of Pu of key wildcat —— of 2 factories, undertook couplet makes pump new technology ejaculation collecting a few days ago first field test is successful, obtained shoot the main technique data that collects couplet to make pump new technology. In season is put after this well perforation, day is petroliferous 18 tons, shorten exercise is periodic a day, obtained the better result that add oil.

This engineering technology is a kind of perforation and the new technology that next pump production process finish, the perforation that avoided process of measure of convention filling aperture and cent of exercise issueing pump are finished 2 times, broken solution cause construction cycle from this long, easy blowout, restore time expenses of long, operation is advanced and a lot of difficult problem.

This craft application is shot post giving a canal need not have after collecting couplet to make perforation of pump new technology work, collect couplet to make pump from the ejaculation that can have realized the function such as perforation of pump fixed position, caber, formation test, perforation couplet makes tool of form a complete set, process, be over well casing column designed 4 respects to undertake study, with next pump perforation the working procedure that pump oil closes 2 for one, post giving a canal need not have after perforation works, can undertake wildcat put into production can have wildcat go into operation, have simplify construction working procedure, reduce exercise cost, avoid to wash kill the well to wait for an advantage to 2 pollution of layer.

Think via field application engineering technology is advanced and feasible, practice makes clear, this craft can realize unifinication of perforation, exercise issueing pump, simplify construction working procedure, reduce the cost that repair a well, can prevent blowout accident effectively, prevent 2 pollution to layer, have good applied prospect. Information source: Net of China pump valve releases a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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