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Get the better of collect craft place to develop technology of form a complete s
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Oil field success Tuo is entered especially tall hydrous period hind, rod tube slants grind already became shorten oil extraction factory has lever pump well to avoid long period main factor. Break because of lever in recent years, number resides the work well that tubal leakage causes not to fall high all the time, the short-lived well amount inside 90 days shows the trend of grow in quantity of year after year.
Be aimed at this one problem, get the better of collected craft place to begin slant grind mechanism research, adopted early or late fight grind receive bind round, fight grind pump of deputy, feedback to wait slant grind processing measure, integral application effect still not beautiful. Liner HDPE vitta and common vitta photograph are compared, have coefficient of friction low, anti-corrosive ability strong, wearability is advanced characteristic. It is HDPE tubal material passes special technology line to be inside vitta, because internal diameter of this HDPE vitta is far,be less than common vitta, at present technology of form a complete set cannot satisfy the craft form a complete set of HDPE vitta. To this, engineering technology personnel is mixed through survey tackle key problem, completed the craft form a complete set of HDPE vitta and screw pump, pump having lever, designed special take off receive implement with bleeder, satisfied the need of form a complete set of HDPE vitta. Began in November from last year, liner HDPE vitta is in get the better of undertook popularizing on 46 wells that select a plant, among them screw pump well well of 35 mouth, pump having lever 11, integral application result is favorable, work without a well up to now, avoid long period also get extension.
Current, technology of oil extraction of HDPE liner vitta already was become get the better of the processing that select a plant to slant the dominant craft that grind. Information source: Oily net releases a person in: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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