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Chongqing city: big thrust wide fountainhead heats up technology of pump air con
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Chongqing will popularize fountainhead to heat up pump to build technology of energy-saving air conditioning energetically, to 2010 its apply an area to will be achieved those who build floor area 10% the left and right sides. This is the “ of promotion of neat hand of Sino-US two countries that holds from Chongqing city science and technology of ” of solution of whole of energy-saving air conditioning recommends the know on the meeting.
Fountainhead heats up pump to build technology of energy-saving air conditioning, namely from Jiang He draw-out surface water, after passing heat exchange, extraction heat energy and cold can, realize heating and refrigeration. Compare with photograph of traditional technology of central air conditioning, the sources of energy that this technology does not need to use up a tradition (the) such as oil of report, coal, fuel, and do not produce pollution.
“ popularizes this one technology in Chongqing city very necessary. ” city hair changes appoint concerned personage expresses. According to introducing, at present Chongqing town house and specific power consumption of communal architectural air conditioning occupy annual to always use n about 26% the left and right sides, in use fastigium of air conditioning of winter, summer its use n to be able to achieve whole town to use the 40% above of n. This brings about “ the sources of energy is expended very big, cause building specific power consumption to grow quickly. One energy-saving expert of ” Chongqing city says, should come true Chongqing city town built a building to be carried out in the round 2010 energy-saving the design standard of 65% , must produce the advantage with Chongqing town resourceful surface water, make full use of two rivers water, to build a building how to go up energy-saving fountainhead heats up pump energy-saving technology air conditioning.
Current, the building that Chongqing city already had the 150 thousand square metre such as poineering center of science and technology of area of fishing port of boreal Bei Ou Jiangzhou, south bank includes set an example executive plan, and already entered construction phase. In the meantime, 78 enterprises also use this one technology of purpose. Why does the empty phase modulation that fountainhead heats up pump to build technology of energy-saving air conditioning and tradition actor or actress than having situation? From investment cost looks with moving cost, technology of fountainhead hot pump is average and managing cost 3 into the left and right sides. Not only such, normally fountainhead heats up pump to waste the energy of 1 kilowatt hour, the user can get is equivalent to the quantity of heat of left and right sides of 4 kilowatt hour or cold quantity, the person that offset is expended, can reduce not little cost.
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