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PRESO develops a success flowmeter of a new-style fire pump
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PRESO development is successful Preso of forward position of science and technology of flowmeter of a new-style fire pump develops a success system of flowmeter of a new-style fire pump, this product special agree with the tube of head of a powerful person of tube a powerful person and fire pump tests an operation. This flowmeter can make handlers passes GPM or the discharge value that LPS sees water directly, realize discharge monitoring successfully thereby.
The design essential factor with the mainest system of this fire pump is to produce different pressure to obtain exact flow value thereby. Preso can provide the fire pump system of 3 different types, they all obtain FM to approbate, the canal that applies to 2’’ path 16’’ .

These models include PFA Ellipse, annular sky of PFV Venturi and PFB is mandatory. PFAEllipse is a feature elliptically with the patent of Preso, ; PFV is a feature with canal of Preso article family name, it can is in by installation any places that miniature provides demand continuously. Its accuracy is / - 3% , and have two-way measure a function. Additional, system of every fire pump contains 270 degrees quarter dishes numerate directly implement information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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