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Enerpac company research and development gives hydraulic pump of new-style and g
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Enerpac company research and development gives news of international of hydraulic pump of new-style and gravitational exercise research and development gives hydraulic expert Enerpac recently a series of energy-saving hydraulic pump, its mobile part is less, the attrition force of generation is smaller also, basically be answer beforehand thrust augmentation, pulling force and course of study of heavyweight water master piece are added to offer more force and reliability after.
Introduction Enerpac, pump of electric power of EnerpacZU4 class 1.25kw 700bar is having very good discharge motivation design, when need, it can achieve longer exercise, move in colder environment and more easily safeguard.
According to company introduction, the electric pump of ZU4T series, weight is between 32-36kg, the current mood electromotor of use P1.25kW, can offer very tall gravity / electric power comparing and wonderful low pressure run character. This electromotor combined a kind of new pump element design, can reduce oily flow disorder, less activity spare parts and attrition. Compare with comparable pump photograph, the current traction that it needs wants little 18% . Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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