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Sudden collapse solves proton pump depressor to appear on the market in our coun
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Sudden collapse solves proton pump depressor to appear on the market in our country inside first oral cavity A few days ago, the Lan Suo of —— of proton pump depressor that first sudden inside oral cavity collapse sees the whole world pulls Zun mouth to die piece (general is held in the palm smooth) appear on the market in our country Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou and other places.
Lan Suo pulls Zun mouth to die a digestibility ulcer that will have the difficulty taking drug such as deglutition difficulty for our country, patient that returns the acerbity relevant disease such as esophagitis drifting a gender provides good remedial measure. It can separate the particle that has alvine dissolve clothes for countless packets in 30 seconds of collapse, these atomic diameters have about 300 micron only, for the 1/3 of diameter of particle of garment of common bowel dissolve. Each particle is comprised by 7 structures, the extruding that can resist gastric peristalsis place is caused so, make sure medical effect is insusceptible thereby. This kind of distinctive the form of a drug makes have a variety of kind that take drug, besides the tradition send with water directly outside taking, still can use direct profess to convinced and nose stomach canal to undertake taking to the means such as medicine.
Fierce field company is located in Japanese Osaka, it is a globalization company that is based on research, the company basically is engaged in at pharmacy line of business. The whole world that regards Japan as the biggest pharmacy company and this industry heads one of companies, fierce field company passes the drug with top-ranking development, those who devote oneself to to improve people is healthy reach medicine to progress. Introduce according to company of drug of Tianjin fierce cropland, this medicine had been in England and United States to appear on the market respectively in July 2003 at was being mixed in March 2002. Information source: Net of China pump valve releases a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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