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Perspective of development of new science and technology of pump valve new produ
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Broad market trends heats up foreground of development of new science and technology of pump valve new product energy-saving technology develops pump perspective is wide

Care increasingly in people energy-saving today, energy-saving technology is in hot pump Japan is eye-catching. The system of air conditioning of hot pump accumulation of heat that uses this one technology can be passed heat or cooling air, supply cold, hot water more energy-savingly for building interior, adjust indoor temperature. This kind of new system by similar air conditioning the equipment such as the hot pump lead plane of the machine outdoor and cistern of high capacity heat preservation is comprised. The working principle of hot pump lead plane is induction air, heat circularly through heating up pump air, next reoccupy hot air heats the life uses water, use for the user directly. As contrary as this, the refrigeration agent in hot pump can will be cooled by inspiratory air, provide cold water for the user next. According to computation, use heat pump and use tradition method heat directly or cooling water photograph is compared, can managing and much electric energy. Current, hot pump has begun to be used at Japanese office building and average household. Reduce the dependence to importing the sources of energy, hot pump is energy-saving because the technology complies with tendency of the day, development perspective is wide.
Tall a powerful person is tasted newly for oriented development with the market

Fluid of gas of forged steel of type of complete solder of WB1-WE-40FDN600 of Chinese head stage breaks linkage ball valve closely to was in recently agog Sichuan develops a success from Inc. of valve of tribute high pressure.

This company compares advanced technique of grand company valve newly at introducing American GE successfully 2001, become the manufacturer that has GE to compare grand valve newly to manufacture a technology in home and even Asian area only. 2002, national classics trade appoint regard “ as this company enrage on the west east be defeated by ” series valve homebred transform manufacturing base, sichuan province is major do and trade of Sichuan province classics appoint decide this company attachs most importance to old equipment homebred change enterprise and national emphasis to urge kind of estate company, get national concerned ministries and commissions and development “ are enraged on the west east the support that loses ” series valve to study a project.

This company absorbs foreign advanced technique through digesting, the product of series of ball valve of forged steel of complete solder type that production gives, fill home market is blank, apply extensively already at oily, gas to grow now lose the country such as cop in major project project. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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