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ITT Flygt and ABB research and development give sewage pump ITT Flygt of news of international of special VFDs and ABB collaboration research and development give a series of VFD products, the Flygt software with these particular products is designed for sewage pump technically. General VFD must move the parameter with many setting to just can apply to a variety of different equipment through artificial hand. Apply ACS550 when you however. When this kind of new version, with respect to meeting leave out above a lot of measure. The VFD advantage of use Flygt:
● raises systematic dependability, reduce those who weigh electric machinery and hydraulic pressure system to bear the weight of quantity;

● improves the control to producing a course, make discharge and contest are made match the demand that is a system;

● is in build and transform optimize bigger flexibility is obtained when tagging establishment;

● adjusts according to systematic demand the speed of pump with period more economic energy resources.

ACS550 offerred the risk that a special program jams with decreasing, help impeller keeps clean. Pass beforehand setting, the setting that operates personnel to be able to reduce environmental parameter is as high as 90% above. Detect when ACS550 when an excess load is worth prep above to establish a value beforehand, it can be brought move order to clean a program. This can raise the dependability of equipment not only, also mean at the same time less urgent make stop. ACS550 is OK with other controller for example the FMC of Flygt cooperates to apply, can match different SCADA system interface, include the Aquaview of Flygt. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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