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Slop pump: β of Lian of Mi the She nationality head is shoot a glance at of el
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Slop pump: β of Lian of  Mi the She nationality head shoot a glance at of elder brother of aether of  of Ze  toot is basked in

Company of group of Chinese weapons equipment studies in the success at the beginning of 2007 give out home most high-power 3NB-1600HPPump of artesian well slop, product technology reachs domestic advanced level, become the company that home can produce artesian well of this kind of power the 3rd times to use slop pump.

ThisArtesian well uses slop pumpHave efficiency tall, discharge is even, pressure wave motion is small and tear open outfit is convenient wait for an advantage, basically drill supply to rinse fluid to geology of oil field project, can pump sends sand content to be less than the slop of 5% pump or to metal and balata without the other liquid that corrodes action, still can be drilling tool of the power below fluid of circular artesian well and well to provide power at the same time, it is one of indispensable with borer form a complete set crucial equipment in artesian well project, slop of the borer that be called purifies “ heart ” of the system. This pump product because structure difficulty of complex, workmanship content of big, technology is high, manufacturing company is little, foreground applies in home and foreign market capacious.

Company of group of Chinese weapons equipmentIt is a country important strategical deter force, be national security is important assure, it is the important economy base that the Chinese Communist is in office, it is China provides the army and the people of vigor to join group of oversize war industry most. Group company has company of research and development, production, trade nearly 60, capital total, advocate business Wu income exceeds one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan respectively, employee 120 thousand more than person.

Company of group of Chinese weapons equipment reachs field of information of component, autocycle, photoelectricity to have very outstanding advantage in special type equipment, car. The field is constructed in national defence, fighting at close quarters is attacked prevent and be not nuclear injure weaponry to hold dominant position, motor-driven suppress, smooth telecommunication ceases and fear installing a respect to hold significant position especially instead, all armament of product equipment our country, the fundamental sex with be being developed important and strategical action. Automobile industry has 10 truckload factory, year productivity exceeds 1.2 million, formed include special purpose vehicle, muti_function car of car, miniature, economy car and in the product pedigree with high-grade perfect car, very important place is had in Chinese auto industry. Autocycle year productivity exceeds 5 million, have Jia Ling, construction, great this world, Jinan to ride gently wait for well-known trademark, it is the world group of the biggest autocycle. Photoelectricity industry implementation is machined from 0 component to production overall product transition, optical glass produce and sale measures the world the first.
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