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The United States amounts to what the company succeeds easily to roll out pump o
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The United States amounts to what the company succeeds easily to roll out pump of special dehumidify hydro-thermal By American Applied Energy Recovery System Inc. Honor manufactures, zun Yeya city of United States of locate of AERS company headquarters Atlanta city. Company from on the development that the century begins to heat up pump series product at the beginning of seventies is made, the product passes the test of American energy department, passed American UL attestation. Come more than 30 years, e-TECH(Yi Da) hot pump in order to innovate design, professional technology, perfect craft, quality is exceedingly good and famed at the world, global success case exceeds 30 thousand.
The sale of E-TECH hot pump in Chinese area only then the Hong Kong at 80 time end, already finished a hotel up to now kind, swim pool category looks hundreds of, be in at present chinese mainland, chinese Taiwan also finishs a batch of case, like Taiwan Kang Qiao country learns in small, recover; Garden of Shenzhen the East China Sea is indoor swim pool, medium bank of sea Shenzhen bay is indoor swim garden of international of the natatorium of city of Guilin of La Wan of region of gold of pool, 10 thousand divisions, the Yangtse River that do not have stannum. Because E-TECH runs stability reliable, accept the favour of the user fully. Current, e-TECH hot pump is congener product is in the product with the biggest sale of far east area.
E-TECH(Yi Da) hot pump is to be based on with environmental protection design of second birth of the sources of energy to make, it is to use principle of ” of “ air conditioning, will swim the ” of energy “ move in Chi Nuan moist air arrives in water, achieve air dehumidify the purpose that Ji Yongchi water heats, can produce air conditioning at the same time. Hot pump wasted moving energy only, can “ move ” gets much outside energy to arrive in water greatly, because this E-TECH heats up pump to be able to be obtained,heat to get much energy high than direct report, reflect its energy-saving and efficient characteristic. E-TECH uses electric energy to serve as moving motivation, overcame fuel to light a large number of contaminant that air equipment place produces, reflect the characteristic of its environmental protection. Seeing E-TECH heat up pump is environmental protection energy-saving and efficient product.
E-TECH(Yi Da) principle of the job that heat up pump:

E-TECH(Yi Da) swim pool hot pump is to be aimed at technically indoor swim the product that the pool develops, its collect dehumidify, water heats, air conditioning at an organic whole, through reclaiming indoor swim the energy in air of pool damp and hot, with the goal that at heating Chi Shui, air achieves dehumidify at the same time.
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