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Siemens new pump uses motor of low pressure of energy-saving IEC standard
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Siemens new pump uses development of ministry of SiemensA&D of forward position of science and technology of electromotor of low pressure of energy-saving IEC standard to have the electromotor of new-style IEC low pressure of aluminous simple case. The new motor of this new-style 1LE1 series provided the efficient function of EFF1 class and EFF2 class. This efficient EFF1 electromotor was obtained through using copper to make rotor efficient, have exceeding and compact design accordingly, special in the application that applies to the product that has pump and fan.

Function of this new-style dynamo series outputs limits to arrive in 750 watt between 18.5kW, the frame measure that offers money is in 100 to 160 between. Compare traditional electromotor, electromotor of this kind of model saved the power loss of 40% .

The type of size of avery kind of of this kind of new-style electromotor is installed very easily and revise. Additional, wiring box is contacted easily, and the finds a place for the structure allows the biggest change to apply adjustment of wiring box. This wiring box can rotate 90 degrees, and electromotor dimension can be installed neatly according to its model. A coder, brake lining and exterior fan equip very easily with respect to implementation. This kind of agile interior equipment structure reduced all sorts of hardwares, simplified interior equipment management. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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