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Grundfos rolls out SPO of sumbersible pump of new-style family expenses
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Grundfos rolls out near future of Grundfos of news of international of SPO of sumbersible pump of new-style family expenses to develop a Grundfos SPO, the stainless steel sumbersible pump of a new-style strong staying power, its size has 5 inches of square only, basically be the applied design in supplying water supply system for the family. SPO basis needs, can move in water already, also can issue installation to use in anhydrous circumstance. It suits to be in family expenses very much the cold water with clean pump. For instance, in the well that open wide or opens wide partly, and rainwater collects a system in. This pump is applied to irrigate, rainwater is collected, and those requirement velocity of flow are between 3m3/h and 6.5m3/h, pressure is worth the applied environment that achieves 75m. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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