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Grind Nuo rolls out ModularBCD
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Grind Nuo rolls out ModularBCD 12V to place forward position of science and technology of switch of rate control bear to develop business to grind limited company of Nuo logistic science and technology, announced to roll out industry a few days ago press press of first compositive type places ——AAT4285 of switch of rate pilot bear, it can support the application of 12V voltage. AAT4285 is pressed through mixing n displacement place rate control the function is compositive to a sheet piece in parts of an apparatus, make design personnel is in domain of portable consumer goods and in all sorts of new-style 12V application that are not domain of portable industry system, can reduce power to use up not only, and still but periphery yuan the use gross of parts of an apparatus falls least. “ so far, be in by all sorts of portable systems of 5V voltage power supply in, our of all kinds press press places product of switch of rate pilot bear to already was used widely replace schism yuan solution of parts of an apparatus. ” grinds the PhilDewsbury of product line chief inspector of Nuo company says: The application that “AAT4285 can run to use 12V tension offers same functional sex, make design personnel can detect in such as not only equipment or camera in the portable system of this kind of higher power, initiate sexual ground leave out the MOSFET component of a schism and amount to 11 exterior component, and in all sorts of blame can do so as much in portable industry application. ”AAT4285 of fast bear switch time is a P - passageway MOSFET switch, apply for high-end bear switch only and design. This parts of an apparatus can arrive in 3.0V the input of 13.2V moves inside voltage limits, mix with the AAT4250 of AnalogicTech on the function AAT4280 product photograph is compatible, can offer switch of fast bear of a 100µs to put through time, its shut bear discharge ability to make quickly AAT4285 can be when switch invalidation, shut laden circuit quickly. In addition, AAT4285 is when 12V, can you offer a 240m? Low-down RDS(ON) (the model guides electrify block) , with the processing bear switch power ability is achieved the biggest change; When 5V, is RDS(ON) 320m? . The electric current of typical static state of AAT4285 is 25µA. New technology AAT4285 is the first 12V parts of an apparatus or appliance that the ModularBCD that uses AnalogicTech handles technology and produces. ModularBCD craft and mature traditional and linear IC are made or of workmanship of current figure CMOS lie differently at, the imitate of first its new generation, power source and technology of mixture signal IC, production was optimized in initiating high-tech brilliant to the circle is made and be made in Ex-DRAM especially. Because be in single block chip, it is voltage 3V, 5V and 12V to contain high speed to the CMOS parts of an apparatus of the complete segregation that complementary field effect is in charge of and voltage are 30V and need not use such as extension to add respectively unripe or high temperature diffuses the driving DMOS power that waits for extremely complex and high technology parts of an apparatus is compositive an organic whole, new technology makes odd piece, no matter mixture signal and system chip is mixed on the technology economically more feasible. Accordingly, the parts of an apparatus or appliance that use ModularBCD and produces compares the parts of an apparatus or appliance that produces with conventional technology to obtain taller efficiency, smaller size and higher compositive level not only, and the service life that can help shift consume electronic product to supervise power supply and lengthen batteries weller, camera of computer of player of these product extensive and mobile phone, portable multimedia, table and portable computer, number. Price and the limits of rated job temperature of the AAT4285 that offer money are - 40 to 85 ℃ , use enclose without the lead, 8 SC70JW that cite a base, can offer money now. Order goods the quantity is 1000 a short while every unit price is 0.68 dollars. Information source:

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