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A kind of phreatic water pump shaft that is used at corroding a circumstance is
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A kind of phreatic water pump shaft that uses at corroding a circumstance seals forward position of science and technology to apply for (patent) date: 200520047122.2 name: A kind of application makes public at corroding the phreatic water pump shaft of the circumstance to seal (announcement) day: 2006.12.20 applies for (patent) person: Shanghai becomes repeatedly (group) address of limited company: 201812 Shanghai fine the Jiang Qiao that decide an area presses down Cao An highway to invent 3616 numbers (design) person: Yu Zelong of soup duckweed;
Summary this practical and new-style the sumbersible pump axle that involves a kind to apply at corroding a circumstance is sealed. Include pump shaft, impeller, machinery sealed, its feature depends on: There is one axle sleeve in pump shaft, axle sleeve submits T form, axle sleeve coat has machine sealed, axle sleeve leaves the hub area of impeller of end panel joint, place is carried to have annular chamfer below axle sleeve of the joint on hub face, there is O form sealing ring inside annular chamfer. This practical and new-style advantage is to make the machinery that can prevent caustic medium to go up from impeller and axis sealed the clearance place between enters axial end, protected pump shaft not to suffer erode.
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