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SP of southern pump line of business without jam suck type blowdown pump oneself
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SP of southern pump line of business without jam suck type blowdown pump oneself Characteristic
SP without jam sucking type blowdown pump oneself is the sewage pump that a kind of can ideal processing contains solid grain. Of the design without jam the solid grain that impeller can carry 76mm volume greatly most. Use convenient, need to installation is by the side of cesspool and be extended fluid face to be able to work below suction hose only, can replace the pump below phreatic water sewage pump and fluid effectively, need not remove condole pump to be able to use common tool to finish on the ground with any promotion tools installation, maintenance, daily safeguard. “ says from what suck the king ” of sewage pump, it is product of good new generation sewage pump.
Suitable scope

· rainwater and ordinary foul water;

Catchment of system of project of · municipal blowdown, construction site, people's air defense stands;

· the industrial waste water such as industry of light industrial, papermaking, spin, food, chemical industry, cable, mine;

The sewage with uptown · is discharged; The sewage of system of · water purification and sedimentary;

Aquaculture of pond of sewage of · curry course of study, shambles, river; · brew course of study and sugar industry;

· is not had strong caustic but the foul water that already was polluted badly is discharged.

Moving condition

· liquid temperature: ℃ of 0 ℃ ~40, medium density ≤1.2×103kg/m3, PH is worth 5~9;

The cubage of content of appearance of the solid in · medium compares ≤2% ;

· is the biggest grain diameter: SP-363mm; SP-4/SP-676mm;

· environment temperature: ≤40 ℃ ;

· sea dials: Highest 1000m;
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