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ST uses the one-time insulin syringe pump that accept rice technology develops
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ST uses the one-time insulin syringe pump that accept rice technology develops Recently, the strategic cooperation agreement that Debiotech and meaning law semiconductor announce to both sides signs the miniature insulin syringe pump with a production distinctive sale. Pump of this accept rice is one is based on small stream accuse MEMS (system of personal computer cable) innovation concept of the technology, designing a principle is a syringe pump of a miniature installation sticks cloth to go up in one-time skin diabetic suffer from be defeated continuously note insulin. The life character of efficiency of the usability that pump of this accept rice will be helpful for promoting new technology substantially, cure and diabetic. Of this product achieve a technology to ever won award of science and technology of 2006 year Switzerland formerly, the agreement that signs today makes this technology nears the end of industrialization more.

Therapeutics of insulin syringe pump is successive perhaps hypodermic insulin (CSII) can replace a day to must lose the alone inject way that notes insulin a few times, this kind of therapeutics more and more be valued by people. Treat a method according to CSII, the diabetic needs link syringe pump of a programmable, syringe pump and fill of fluid of a lay aside are linked together, insulin engrafts from fluid of this lay aside note human body subcutaneous tissue inside, round-the-clock and successive be defeated note more the process that secretes insulin naturally like pancreas.

The one-time insulin syringe pump that this height miniature changes is shirt-sleeve the insulin of Debiotech is defeated those who note technology and ST is large-scale make small shed the productivity that dominates chip. Small stream accuse a technology to be able to control the liquid flow with very little amount through electronic means. This syringe pump indicated to therapeutics is developing a CSII and one stride is stridden ahead on application, and this sophisticated technology still will be applied other biochemistry uses a field.

Today, existing insulin syringe pump is sizable at a pager. This Debiotech miniature that makes newly by ST turns MEMS product, 1/4 dimension is existing syringe pump about, stick the formal Dai Zairen of cloth to go up personally with the skin, person eye views the presence that is less than it almost. Past disease suffers from need to notice whether the installation place of syringe pump is proper, hide pump below the dress even, the dimension with new cabinet product lets disease suffer from no longer worry for this.

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