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Anver develops the vavuum pump that needs low pressure successfully only
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Anver develops the vavuum pump that needs low pressure successfully only Vavuum pump of canal of family name of article of close together and concise multistage has been in series Anver Corp of manufacturer of major of American vavuum pump. Development is successful. It needs the atmospheric pressure of 45psi only, but the cubage like can supplying the pump that needs 80to100psi before.
This company introduces, the vavuum pump of pneumatic of multistage of Air-Miser MSP-AM series of Anver has 5 kinds of model to be able to offer an alternative now, from 0.06 to 0.64SCFM, it can fall to move normally in 45psi(3.1bar) pressure, what needing pressure is the half of pump of common language family name about.
This pump is made by zincous alumina, have brass nozzle, the range that and this product can be offerred chooses is very wide, can satisfy specific requirement. They special the demand that applies to automation operation. Anver says, second pump can offer 100% laden coefficient, be equivalent to the moving effect of a lot of bigger pump, and be in charge of pump photograph to compare with traditional article family name more safe, noise is fewer. Their bulk size is 3.78inLx1.26inWx98inH(96mmx32mmx24.9mm, include the muffle of a 2.76intallx2.76inW(70mmx24mm) , at the same time it earlies childhood to arrive with G for suiting the adapter of NPT accessory device. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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