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Efficient seawater breeds a well to come out in Jilin city with sumbersible pump
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Efficient seawater breeds a well to come out in Jilin city with sumbersible pump the market is dynamic recently, the efficient seawater that proper motion of limited company of water pump of Jilin city square cropland develops breeds a well to pass appraisal of provincial new product with sumbersible pump.
To cast off a tradition well of briny breed aquatics uses sumbersible pump product perishable report of corrode, bad news the malpractice with big, brief life, limited company of water pump of city square cropland organizes project approving of concerned technology personnel actively to tackle key problem, put working emphasis on the technical development that raises to still be corroded, experiment through relapsing, decided the technology that uses agglomeration silicon steel, make this product more congener of the product be able to bear or endure seawater corrodes function to increase apparently, consecutive run time amounts to 6-8 month, rise than congener product run time 4 times much, have better section report effect, every water pump year but section report amounts to 8000 degrees. To facilitate the technology of this product is established, accelerate amount to produce the step that amounts to effect, city classics appoint active organization concerns personnel for many times Fang Tian company has done development to declare material to reach its the examine and verify of relevant file works, talk things over actively with what save relevant section, make this product was passed inside shorter time by appraisal of provincial new product. Current, this product already threw batch production. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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