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Eaves tells heavy worker worker: Series pulls pump to begin to be pushed in the
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Concrete machinery equipment develop and be being made what concrete carries pump especially is the main component that eaves connects heavy industry product to develop the strategy. 2007, eaves connects heavy industry to carry pump product to expand state and market demand according to concrete, change according to platform, the fundamental that standardization, generalization, high-quality goods changes, be based on the demand that promotes a product reliability in the round, carried pump product to undertake be optimizinged in the round to concrete. The concrete of series of diesel engine of S a powerful person that rolled out series of electric machinery of a powerful person of flashboard of the series of brand-new electric machinery of S a powerful person that includes HBTS60, HBTS70, HBTS80, HBTZ60, HBTS80R carries pump.
Eaves connects heavy industry to be changed according to platform, the concrete that seriation designs carries pump, all sorts of pump send OK and contented different user the demand of construction operating mode, at the same time great and convenient the user is right of the product use with safeguard. Among them HBTS70 product is to be aimed at the form a complete set of long helix borer that has picket labour construction to develop, can satisfy the concrete pump below specific execution condition to send a demand.
According to the demand that promotes a product reliability in the round, eaves tells heavy worker worker all products must finish pump of operating condition of building site spot to send an experiment 3 months above in development experiment phase, decide the technical condition of the product and product reliability through the experiment, right product technology design, form a complete set choose undertake optimizing. To promote a product dependability and product quality, the crucial part that sends system of system, S a powerful person, hydraulic pressure system, electrical system to product pump, all choose product of famous manufacturer of the world or home.
Eaves connects treatment of structural member of heavy industry key to use home's most advanced treatment technology and device. Product hopper, cistern, frame all abstain inside the company, choose advanced treatment craft and equipment to assure a key dimension precision and positional precision, have to the promotion of whole product quality assure action. To assure product quality and dependability, strict product assembles technical staff with debug craft, carry out assemble, the quality control that debugs whole process. Before every product leaves factory, carry out the craft that debugs 12 hours continuously strictly to ask in order to ensure product outgoing quality. In addition, the product uses clipper-built exterior design, make overall and harmonious beautiful, showed eaves connects the company brand of heavy industry and product characteristic adequately.
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