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Centrifugal pump of multistage of WILO_MVI series vertical
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Parameter of technology of MVI multistage centrifugal pump

Water pump structure

MVI water pump develops course

Water pump of series of MVI of multistage stainless steel makes a characteristic




Model explains

For example: Wilo-MVI 405

MVI electric machinery connects vertical multistage centrifugal pump continuously, all spare partses that contact with medium are made by stainless steel

Stere of 4 rated discharge / horary

(2 class / 50Hz)

05 impeller are progressional


Water supply and pressure boost, fire extinguishing system, store can loop of circulation of coal tub, industry, chemical technology, cooling water, clean and irrigate equipment.

Technical parameter

Permission deferent medium

Accord with the drinking water of standard of potable water

Heating hot water and sanitation use water


Glycol aqueous solution 1)

Liquid of other easy flow 2)

MVI 2 / 4 / 8 /16 of 50Hz power power supply

Stere of 4 / 8 / 16 of the largest flow / hour

Rice of 230 / 210 / 230 of the biggest lift

2950 1/min of rated rotate speed

Medium temperature - 15 ~ 120 is spent

+ of highest environment temperature 40

The greatest actuating pressure 25 cling to
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