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The settlement to issue of water of drop of filling of horizontal centrifugal pu
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To the settlement of issue of water of drop of filling of horizontal centrifugal pump

Summary: To hot-rolling factory issue of water of drop of filling of centrifugal pump of the horizontal inside room of circular water pump undertakes transforming, use machine sealed replace dish of root sealed, solved filling leak problem thoroughly, satisfied energy-saving fall the requirement of bad news.

Keyword: Machinery of type of outfit of filling, collect is sealed, dish


1 preface

Can upright water pump of room of workshop loop water pump is horizontal centrifugal pump, its axis is sealed often use filling sealed, sealed service life is brief, leakage rate is old, wear away big also, still need to often be adjusted, already was replaced by mechanical and sealed place gradually in home. Mechanical and sealed having the job little service life of reliable, leakage rate long, suitable scope is wide wait for an advantage, reason won wide application in industry.

2 original horizontal is odd before transforming class double the sealed form that sucks centrifugal pump to use dish of root to be filling is main the problem induces as follows:

2. Quantity of water of drop of 1 filling room increases, sealed performance is poor, create waste of water natural resources.

2. 2 dishes of roots wear away serious, need to often change dish of root, increase the labor strength of maintenance.

2. 3 because of dish root and axis produce clash, countershaft or axle sleeve are caused wear away, need countershaft or axle sleeve undertake changing.

2. 4 because of slack enter bearing to box causes lube to deteriorate and make bearing damages, pump vibration increases, must change bearing, increased maintenance is measured and raised workshop cost.

3 collect hold the structure with type sealed machinery, principle and its advantage

3. 1 collect holds the construction with type sealed machinery


Move link

Static annulus


Auxiliary and sealed


Machinery of collect outfit type is sealed be move annulus, static annulus, bedspring, auxiliary sealing ring, axle sleeve, gland an aggregate that the main part such as static static seal combines, its structure characteristic is entire part combination is an organic whole, install on pump housing sealed and convenient, quick, reliable.


? ?

The action of mechanical and sealed main element

1) end panel is sealed deputy (static, move link) end panel is sealed deputy action is to make sealing surface close together joint, prevent medium leak. It asks static, move annulus to have good wearability, it is OK to move link axial moves neatly, automatic compensation sealing surface wears away, joint of made as good as Jing Huanliang land; Static annulus has float sex, have amortize effect.
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