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Only course sheet sucks centrifugal pump bearing lubricant means is transformed
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Only course sheet sucks centrifugal pump bearing lubricant means is transformed

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? ? ? Summary: Sheet of IS series only course sucks centrifugal pump, because design a matter, the scroll bearing that centrifugal pump place uses lubricates with engine oil, use sealed leak very serious, the safe stability of minatory equipment moves, the author is in job of a few years, sealed to bearing box the remove from office of small make down that has for many times obtained certain result. But leak problem was not solved thoroughly, course practice changes engine oil to lubricate for grease after, the result is favorable.
? ? ? Keyword: Centrifugal pump; Lubricant; Sealed; Oscillatory
? ? ? Of bearing of centrifugal pump scroll lubricating basically is to reduce grind power comsumption, lower wear rate, still rise at the same time cooling, dustproof, antirust and suck brace up wait for action. Do well equipment lubricates is to make sure equipment runs normally. Reduce equipment to wear away, prevent equipment accident, reduce motivation to use up, lengthen the significant step that repairs cycle and service life.
? ? ? The centrifugal pump that place of all of water system of loop of furnace of my factory roast uses is only course sheet to suck pump, all sorts of technology parameter are as follows:
? ? ? Model is IS150 - 125 - 250, discharge 200m3/ H, lift 20m, axial power 18.5kw, rotate speed 1450r/min.
? ? ? The water pump of this type name rolls bearing lubricates is by 30 # (winter) or 40 # (summer) mechanical lube is lubricant. Because design a reason to use sealed leak very serious, not only cause engine oil to be wasted in great quantities, bearing is burned-out, and pollute an environment, the safety that goes against equipment moves reach civilized production. In job of a few years, to solve this one problem, have remove from office of small make down for many times.
? ? ? Facility construction and bearing are lubricant sketch map, if pursue 1.

? ? ? 1, the course that lubricant means transforms
? ? ? 1.1 felt are sealed oil seal of instead monolayer framework
? ? ? Former bearing box is sealed it is to use felt sealed, if signal pursues 2. Leak is very serious, capacity of oil of every pump bad news is 300kg/a about, create waste of much engine oil, on the ground smeary thick one.

? ? ? To change oily condition of this kind of leakage, change felt sealed for framework sealed, the method is as follows:
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