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Rotor engine introduces
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One. The development history of rotor engine

? ? ? What at present the car on the market uses generally is engine of reciprocating type piston. Probably you do not know, still one is plant famous degree very tall, but the engine with very few application, this is trigonometry piston rotates type engine.

? ? ? Rotor engine calls rice to strap circular engine again. It uses trigonometry rotor whirligig to control is compressed and be discharged, with the sharp movement widely different of engine of traditional piston reciprocating type. This kind of engine adds person · to bark Kerr is invented by German humble, on the studies positive result foundation that sums up forefathers, solution picked out issue of a few crucial technologies, development is successful engine of the first rotor.

? ? ? Bark Kerr was born in Germany 1902, was hired by Haidebao to 1926 1921 the sale ministry of press of a science and technology. 1924, bark Kerr built his company in Haidebao, he spent many time to have the development of rotor engine over, 1927, such as air-tightness and intercalary are slippery of a series of technology issues that wait capture had prospect of a solution eventually. 60 the beginning of the year give the first trot car that assembled rotor engine in German production. The personage inside course of study thinks the structure of this kind of engine is compact and deft at that time, movement is halcyon free is suitable, perhaps can take the piston engine that replaces a tradition.

? ? ? 1964, genevan heart law company of joint ventures COMOBIL, install rotor engine on the car to make formal product first. 1967, japanese also installs rotor engine begin to be produced group by group on Ma Zida car.

? ? ? The company invests the Ma Zida that has a special liking to new technology all along to overcame Er company to buy this technology from bark. Because this is a new and high technology, the person that knows this technique is very few, engine became bad unmanned meeting is repaired, and bad news oil is old, automobile group somebody came into being suspicion to the market prospect of this kind of engine. Crisis of 70 time oil erupts, each country is too busy at the difficulty that handles each side engine of rotor of attend to development, only Ma Zida company still believes the latent capacity of rotor engine, study alone and produce rotor engine, paid quite big price for this. They overcame the limitation of rotor engine stage by stage, transfer successfully to be produced to commerciality by production trial, the RX that will install rotor engine - 7 model racing bike infiltrated American market, your person is looked at with new eyes.

? ? ? Consciousness of alive group environmental protection increasingly aggrandizement, oil natural resources with each passing day of buy exhaust today, with hydric the research that does dynamical source already became one a lecture given to a large number of students to inscribe. In those days the rotor engine that Ma Zida holds to to come down is told from the structure is most this adds up to combustion hydric, and most " clean " , of the eduction after because of hydrogen combustion is over is water vapour, catch without any sweat to the environment. Ma Zida company changes made RX - 7 model the rotor engine of racing bike, make it can make fuel with hydrogen. This kind of engine is assembled in Ma Zida HR on one X car, the fuel box of 1 stere is sucked store quite of 43 stere compress hydric, with horary the speed of 60 kilometers is feasible sail 230 kilometers, caused the attention of all circles personage. Because be assembled from production,safeguard repair, rotor engine is as big as traditional engine differ ocean, development cost is big. Add engine of reciprocating type piston to be in power, weight, discharge, the respect such as specific power consumption rises significantly than having in the past, rotor engine did not show clear advantage, because this each old car company does not have enthusiasm to develop,use, only Ma Zida is propped up hard.
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