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Pump of rotor of tall viscosity of the clench the teeth inside professional prod
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Click please: Picture of product of pump of rotor of the clench the teeth inside NYP series tall viscosity
● overview
Pump of the tine inside NYP series is the demand that waits for an industry according to oil, chemical industry, coating, grease, medicine, dye, food, develop the pump of new-style cubage type of development, because this product is optional,pledge with different capable person and its unique structure, because this applies extensively at different property, the medium of different viscosity is carried.
Applicable medium temperature: - 10 ℃ , 200 ℃ (the applicable temperature of NYPO.78 and NYP2.3 is - 10 ℃ , 80 ℃ ) .
Applicable medium viscosity: 1.0cSt, 300, the applicable viscosity of 000cSt(NYPO.78 and NYP2.3 is 1.0cSt, 10, 000cSt) .
2 jobs principle reachs a structure
(1) principle of job of pump of rotor of tall viscosity pump is had inside the drive gear of tine (external rotor) drive rotor to be made inside the pump housing of whole sealing turn with direction
Move, the crescent moon that before pump housing is mixed, builds board make air suction opening and platoon sweat mouth are separated. When roll, negative pressure is formed in air suction opening, liquid by
Inspiratory, rotor takes the liquid eduction mouth, pump housing of press press eduction, finished liquid to carry.
(2) rotor pump structure: Pump is sealed and main have internal rotor, axis, pump housing, build before, procrastinate frame, sealed, the composition such as bearing. Sealed have
Mechanical and sealed with filling sealed 2 kinds of forms, to high temperature, tall viscosity and caustic stronger medium, choose filling sealed.
When carrying easy crystallization stock, be built afore and can design on pump housing contain heat preservation chuck, vapour heat preservation is connected to melt when the job.
Pump can match relief valve, exceed when pump or pipeline system when pressing, relief valve is opened, form in-house circumfluence, make sure the system is safe.
Pump device is comprised by pump, electric machinery and base. Transmission way has bridge-type and straight couplet type two kinds from extend outside main shaft look to pump, to arrange
Hour hand rotates.
(3) the advantage of tall viscosity pump 1, carry a liquid smooth, without pulsatile, vibration is little, noise is low. 2, have suck function very by force oneself.
3, choose hardware data correctly, can carry a variety of mordant medium, use temperature can amount to 2000C. 4, inside and outside turns
Child change direction identical, wear away small, service life is long. 5, the rotate speed of pump and discharge show linear function concern, can change appropriately
Rotate speed will change the discharge of pump. 6, the transportation of particularly applicable tall ropy medium.
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