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2007 the 8th (Beijing) exhibition of China International pump, valve
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2007 the 8th (Beijing) exhibition of China International pump, valve exhibits meeting information to exhibit meeting address: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation (new house)
Extend meeting time: 2007-4-4 comes 2007-4-6
Sponsor an unit: China International commerce promotes committee Beijing branch
Chinese fluid engineering is met
Chinese machinist Cheng learns fluid project branch
Chinese civil engineering learns water industry branch
Committee of catchment of industrial water supply
Contact: Tang Yu
Contact mail:
Connect a telephone call: 010-86070869
Contact a fax: 010-85866179-21
Exhibit meeting content:
Undertake unit: Beijing look forward to sends an exhibition to serve limited company
Beijing international exhibits a center
Assist run an unit: Pump valve trades net • China (
Net of Chinese pump valve (
Net of valve of pump of Jing grand • (
Net of global pump valve (
Chinese a network of rivers (
" world pump line of business " " pump valve market conditions " " industrial equipment market conditions "
" the fluid is mechanical " " current mechanism " " pump valve world "
WTO is joined in China, beijing applies a success 2008 Olympic Games, the construction work of place of capital Beijing a lot of Olympic Games and relevant establishment already entered executive phase, at the same time the extend of the infrastructure such as each environmental protection, municipal, Lou Yu and transform the job to be in intense undertake, project of thousands of new development also is intensifying …… of start working build. Nowhere is not in business chance of purchase and sale of an all-time and giant pump, valve, however good luck and challenge coexist, how to seize opportunity, infiltrate company product and consolidate Chinese market, we besides bid according to world trade regulation and international action the program is answered actively, intensify making sufficient preparation, strive active outside do not have other option!
Develop to promote the prosperity of industry of our country pump, valve, in relevant government and guild support energetically below, we “2007 the 8th (Beijing) ” of exhibition of China International pump, valve on April 2007 4-6 day is in Beijing countrywide agriculture exhibition is held, the enterprise that sponsors an unit to will invite country and the area such as the United States, England, Germany, Australia, Italy, Korea, Canada, Spain, Holand, Norway, Japan and Hong Kong and Taiwan at the appointed time will reveal them to be in visit course of study newest product technology and equipment, welcome.
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