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The 3rd China International heats up pump heating (cold) system (Beijing) exhibi
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The 3rd China International heats up pump heating (cold) system (Beijing) exhibition Exhibit meeting address: Beijing • China International exhibits a center (sunny area north 3 annulus east road 6)
Extend meeting time: 2007-6-27 comes 2007-6-29
Sponsor an unit: Association of Asian the sources of energy
Chinese heating association
Association of Chinese energy business management
Contact: Li Jianmin
Contact mail: -
Connect a telephone call: 010-83832731
Contact a fax: 010-83832739
Exhibit meeting content:
Undertake unit: Border of allied country of Beijing look forward to shows limited company
Shanghai is promoted exhibit an exhibition to engineer limited company
Media support: (the rank is not divided early or late)
China heats up pump net
Net of China pump valve
Net of countrywide machine pump
Chinese pump net
Chinese land source heats up pump net
Net of Chinese miniature pump
Chinese water pump purchases a net
Net of Chinese screw pump
Alleged heat pump, it is skill of work of choose and employ persons of a kind of benefit the machine that microtherm heat energy changeover is high temperature heat energy and achieves heat addition result. Hot pump is heated up by microtherm source (water of the natural air that is like surroundings, groundwater, river, seawater, sewage) suck heat energy, change next release the space that needs to place for taller lukewarm heat source (or other area) inside. This kind of device can use as equipment of heat addition heating, can use as again refrigeration drops in temperature equipment, achieve the goal with one amphibious machine thereby.
Last as Chinese economy high speed grows, the situation that the sources of energy is in short supply is increasingly grim the pollution with the environment, hot pump already was more and more people what to know and be accepted with the advantage such as its environmental protection, energy-saving, economy; Carry according to the newspaper, at present our country heats up pump market with year the speed of increase rate 20%-30% increases by degrees, already became the world's greatest hot pump to use the market!
Current society, environmental pollution and energy crisis already became the first class major issue that minatory mankind lives, how to solve this one problem, already made the task of the collective attention of complete mankind. Below this kind of setting, mix with environmental protection energy-saving the green building that is main feature and emerge as the times require of corresponding air conditioning system, and the burgeoning heating that heats up pump system to satisfy these requirements just about (cold) system.
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