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International of the 3rd 2007 Beijing is medium, small electric machinery, elect
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International of the 3rd 2007 Beijing is medium, small electric machinery, electromotor and exhibition of product of form a complete set Time: On July 1, 2007 - 5 days
Place: Beijing · China International exhibits a center (Beijing north 3 annulus east road 6)

Support an unit: Quality of electrical micro-machine of country of federation of industry and commerce of stimulative bureau Germany supervises productivity of Hong Kong of consortium of a person of same business of Taiwan machinery industry detect center
Sponsor an unit: Association of industry of electric equipment of current association China divides Chinese mechanical and electrical products mechanical and electrical products of China of branch of horsepower electric machinery is current guild of Electromechanical of Beijing of branch of association electrical micro-machine
Undertake unit: Suitable exhibition of division of limited company of exhibition of American medium international serves limited company◆ market background: Beijing is center of our country politics, economy, culture, it is our country external the window of reforming and opening. Join WTO as our country, reach Beijing to apply a success 2008 the Olympic Games, this means China to want to face a whole world to open, very much world firm aims at broad Chinese market already, this historic opportunity promoted the high speed development of economy of our country countryman, beijing and the circumjacent electric machinery demand of the area also got flying development, technology and leap of equipment market demand, beijing will form the throughout the country's biggest market. To realize electric machinery better change in the round, make have international competition ability. Strengthen the communication between international and cooperation. Supervise by quality of branch of electrical micro-machine of association of industry of Chinese electric equipment, nation electric machinery detect mechanical and electrical products of center, China is current the unit such as branch of association electric machinery holds "2007 jointly international of the 3rd Beijing is medium, small-sized electric machinery and product of form a complete set exhibit " general on July 1, 2007 - 5 days are in Beijing China International.

Sessional still will invite industry authority personage to hold relevant seminar with respect to direction of the demand of electric machinery market of our country, development and new technology. The welcome is broad exhibit business to sign up actively ginseng exhibit look around.
Abroad form a delegation join meeting orgnaization (the rank is not divided early or late)

Chamber of commerce of electric equipment of electron of Venezuela of consortium of manufacturer of machine of Brazil of consortium of a person of same business of industry of equipment of electrician of Taiwan of Manufacturers Association of German machinery equipment imprints medium holy humble saves Argentina of labor chamber of commerce bacterium of Lai of north of Germany of Joint Industry Conference industry of machinery of Korea of state economy ministry revitalizes Weisitefalun. Make science and technology of trade of as Boer as Joint Industry Conference of India of mining industry association Nuo develop a center machinery of international of Russia of consortium of business of electrical appliance of household of Xuelong of Malaysia of consortium of a person of same business of industry of machine of area of Taiwan of Belgian mechanical consortium is allied consortium of trader of metals of machinery of Malaysia snow grand
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