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The 5th China (Jinan) exhibition of international pump, a powerful person
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The 5th China (Jinan) exhibition of international pump, a powerful person Exhibit meeting address: Agrarian international exhibition center of Shun of Chinese • Jinan
Extend meeting time: 2007-8-25 comes 2007-8-27
Sponsor an unit: Chinese chemical industry learns
Committee of chemical machinery major
Commerce of China International economy is promoted meeting
Contact: Mr Liu
Contact mail:
Connect a telephone call:   of 0531-82350000, 88926211
Contact a fax: 0531-88927900
Exhibit meeting content:
Undertake unit:
Commerce of economy of international of the trade in Shandong popularizes a service center
The trade in Jinan shows limited company
Abroad flutter:
Limited company of conference of international of Hong Kong elegant article
Assist run an unit:
Orchid heart network is finite liability company
Limited company of shellfish Ci ad
Support media:
" website of Chinese pump valve "
" net of China pump valve "
" Wei of pump valve classics "
" Chinese valve net "
" net of Chinese pump valve "
" net of pump valve business affairs "
" pump valve trades net • China "
" discover resource pump valve "
" pump valve market conditions "
" China plans to be in build project network "

Extend meeting scope this second grand meeting is set beforehand indoor exhibit a 20000 square metre and outdoor exhibit a 8000 square metre
One, forum of industry of valve of 2007 international pump
2, new product new technology popularizes a news briefing; Shandong -- Chinese the eastpart part is coastal chemical industry of economic big province, China is the biggest province, gross area kilometer of one hundred and fifty-six thousand seven hundred square, show total population 90.82 million person, for the whole nation the 2nd population is saved greatly, realized gross domestic product 2004 1.237 trillion yuan, grow 13.3 % , use foreign capital actually to reach 11.03 billion dollar, grow 69.2 % . Complete province realizes total value of imports and exports 44.68 billion dollar, export 26.59 billion dollar among them, grow 31.6 respectively % and 25.9 % . GDP grows 13% above. Accumulative total of industry of above of dimensions of complete 2006 province is finished raise a cost four hundred and sixty-nine billion five hundred and twenty-two million yuan, grow 22.67% compared to the same period, production is added fast achieve the top level since 1995. 2007, will be Shandong industry economy again the Jinan of a year of provincial capital of superstratum building is the central city with Hua Dong main area, its radiate is whole Hua Dong area. Since reforming and opening, the development that accompanying economic construction and external of economic culture collaboration and communication active with each passing day, jinan already ascended personally at “ China economy integrated force investment climate of China of 50 strong ” , “ the cavalcade of city of 40 actor ” , it is Chinese the eastpart part basically consume one of markets
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