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Hardware of Japanese Tokyo international reachs DIY exhibition
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Hardware of Japanese Tokyo international reachs DIY exhibition One, show time: On August 23, 2007 - - 25 days 2, show a location: Mu Zhangguo border exhibits a center 3, exhibition frequency second: One year 4, content of item on display: The hand is moved tool, dynamoelectric tool, pneumatic tool, of all kinds fittings, lock and how to prevent spray of electric equipment of component part of equipment, building, fastener, lighting, horticultural tool, paint to decorate equipment, pump kind, heating refrigeration equipment. 5, extend meeting scope (previous term or session) : Area: 27000 meters of ² ginseng postpone business: 555 person that look around: 80127 people 6, sign up end: Because this exposition stall is finite, till the newspaper is full. 7, exposition brief introduction: This exposition is versed in by Japanese hardware trade association is sponsorred, begin from 1978, held 26 already successfully, got of a lot of association such as association of province of Japanese international trade, department store, chain store association support energetically, also got at the same time the support of a lot of hardware association such as Europe, United States. Exhibit meeting assemble of all kinds product, represented the technical trend of relevant industry and popular trend, each Dalian locksmith and importer can come every year this is exhibited can make a plan, negotiate order goods, also attracted numerous and Euramerican major to buy the home at the same time. Tokyo international hardware is exhibited is the hardware tool exposition with complete Japan and even Asian the largest scale. As Japanese economy improve in the round, predict year of increase rate for 5.3% , and hardware entrance proportion increases ceaselessly, import from the Asia especially. Because attend this to exhibit the Chinese look forward to of the meeting at present,course of study is not very much join the Chinese business that postpone to clinch a deal so the effect is quite ideal, the value is better also, major ginseng exhibits an enterprise to express to will continue to join exhibit. Should be being exhibited can be each enterprise fosters new business, extend the good place of business to Japanese etc country. 7 years the premier visits spring the brigade that the be in harmony of day puts on the ice will be open up of Sino-Japanese classics trade a new start. Northward international exhibition believes 07 will have more Chinese metals companies to join this to exhibit meeting. Northward international shows limited company (company of industry of former China arms goes exhibit a ministry) it is national Department of Commerce and trade hurried total meeting awards go abroad hold external unit of first class of ministries and commissions of qualification of economic technology exhibition, have do richly extend experience and good service credit. Come a few years, limited company of northward international exhibition organized thousands of company of domestic to attend world each district early or late nearly 100 international are famous exhibition, made positive contribution for foreign trade career of China. China always forms a delegation contact of limited company of exhibition of unit north international: Lixiang address: Beijing is wide install the ave inside the door postcode of 338 401 rooms: 100053 phones: (010) 68228174 13520402881 E-Mail:pName of company of Northward international shows limited company
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