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Oilstone of stone of the 8th China International changes CIPPE2008 technical equipment exhibition (English data and exhibit bitmap to all alone additionally) the oil petrifaction that CIPPE China obtains international the 22nd times to exhibit the exhibition of allied UFI attestation to invite sincerely expensive unit to attend world-class exhibits ——Show time: 28 years on April 7 - address of 9 days of exhibitions: Beijing of center of exhibition of new China International arranges this?bull; justice area of B of airport developing zone sponsors unit China oil and commerce of China International of association of petro-chemical equipment industry to promote Zhen Wei of Beijing of branch of industry of committee chemical industry to exhibit limited company to organize unit Beijing Zhen Wei to exhibit limited company to seek advice please: The corresponding period of  ? 86 13501319992 holds: (Detailed data alls alone fully) conduit of natural gas of oil of the 8th China International and store exhibition of carry technology equipment (CIPE2008) exhibition of natural gas of marine oil of the 5th China International (Ciooe2008) explosion proof of the 5th China International is electric technical equipment exhibition (Expec2008) to alleviate this one situation, zhen Wei decides Beijing, on April 7, 2008 - 9 days will move division China is the biggest the center of exhibition of new China International that exhibits one of houses is held, showpiece dimensions will amount to 42000 square metre. At present already 240 Yu Jiazhan business are booked 2008 exhibition. Program arrangement reports for duty cloth exhibits: On April 5, 2008 - 6 days (AM8:00- - PM17:00) reveals trade: On April 7, 2008 - 9 days (AM9:00- - PM16:00) concludes remove exhibit: On April 9, 2008 (PM14: 00) exhibits meeting site: Beijing of China of center of exhibition of Beijing • new China International is suitable justice area of B of airport developing zone if the supplier that you are following product, ask book namely exhibit:Oil gas exploration, development and equipment of petrifaction of manufacturing equipment oil and production content explore, logging, artesian well technology and equipment - onshore / overhaul of equipment of maritime oil petrifaction, safeguard with management conduit of oil natural gas, natural gas uses petrifaction of appearance of craft of refine of technical equipment oil and technical fuel and lube technology and equipment of equipment automation technology, instrument craft and technical environmental protection, energy-saving manage technology and equipment petrochemical and advanced material, electrical engineering electric facility with safety; System of sale of wire cable product and establishment (include gas station and facility of air entrainment station) fire control calls the police equipment, industry safety and equipment of machinery of fluid of labor protecting material and technology (pump, a powerful person, compressor, fan) rinsing equipment of industry of product of explosion proof of carriage industry of the conduit of crude oil and petroleum products and tank car and anticorrosive technologyExhibit during the meeting, exhibit the conduct propaganda of the enterprise to cooperate to join, sponsor ginseng of unit general assistance to exhibit an enterprise to hold technical communication to meet, content by ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be decided oneself, audience is invited by speech company proper motion, the organizing committee is assisted and provide the relevant service such as acoustics, measuring projector, curtain, mineral water. The industry that needs to hold technical chair is asked on Feburary 15, 2008 before declare full name of person of brief introduction of lecture title, content, give a lecture the organizing committee. Rate is 8000 yuan / / hour. Exhibition charge and arrange:This exhibition offers a standard to exhibit with empty space two kinds of forms, for joining the foundation that postpone business development needs to undertake choosing. The standard exhibits include:  of grave of ⑽ of apricot of ⒅ of Sui of О of go whoring of  of dimple body ⑷ is long  ? lintel board) , advisory desk 1 piece, chair 2, fluorescent lamp 1, power source electrical outlet 1 (special explain beforehand please with report, collect fees separately) international exhibits an area: 3600 dollars / the standard exhibits a standard of; (3m×3m international to exhibit a 9 square metre) A kind exhibit an area: 13, 000 yuan / the standard exhibits a standard of; (3m×3m international to exhibit a 9 square metre) B kind exhibit an area: 10000 RMBs yuan / the standard exhibits a;(3m×3m international standard to exhibit a 9 square metre) empty space charge: (36 hire since smooth rice) international exhibits an area: 360 dollars / square metre A kind exhibit an area: 1300 yuan / square metre; Empty space does not take any exhibiting to wear reach establishment. Other ad: the help you are in exhibit meeting hind to find a client! Except wide during congress be outside sending, still send through all sorts of relevant channel can not come round to look around exhibit the personage of each district major of the meeting, they can use proceedings of a conferences to search contact method and service content quickly. Price knowing publication is: ◇ cover ¥ ¥ of inside front cover of 25000 yuan of ◇ ¥ of title page of 18000 yuan of ◇ ¥ of back cover of 18000 yuan of ◇ ¥ of the page inside color of 15000 yuan of ◇ notes ¥ of inside back cover of 20000 yuan of ◇ 8000 yuan: 130mm of dimension of proceedings of a conferences (wide) ×210mm (tall) recommend advertisement project and charge: Form of project norms advertisement releases the price to visit ¥ of advertisement of complete edition of the reverse side of certificate 21cm X 8.5cm 20, 000 yuan / 50, ¥ of advertisement of complete edition of the reverse side of 21cm X 17cm of invitation of 000 pieces of business affairs 30, 000 yuan / 50, 27.8 X 37.7 X 8.5 of 000 pieces of portable bag (Cm) ¥ of advertisement of complete edition of the reverse side 60000 yuan / 10, 000 condole are taken (exclusive) two sides imprints 60000 yuan of meeting Wu expend LOGO ¥ :Opening bender late dinner was held at 19 o'clock in the evening that day in exhibition, the industry that should need to attend collects fees it is 800 yuan / person, include late banquet of exhibition data, lunch, beverage, opening bender, gift. Meeting Wu arrangement:Constituent sheet is located in sessional before 80 day general " join the manual that postpone business " (concerned item on display is carried, the hotel is recieved, society editor, exhibit a stage to build wait for item) mail or email gives ginseng postpone a business. The exhibition notices other item exhibits information desk: Any seeking advice from, seek advice to information desk please. Exhibition proceedings of a conferences sells: Exhibition proceedings of a conferences can be bought in information desk. Every ginseng exhibits an enterprise to give 2 freely. The exhibition enters: Exhibition offers commerce and professional personage to look around only. The person that look around is booked ahead of schedule please, before exhibition 15 days stop to book visit certificate freely. Commerce serves: If need,the fax types or other business service inquires to business affairs center. Offer get online freely service division. Current exhibition is pressed join the state that extends trade, area and item on display to differentiate area, look around with convenient global audience. Shang Qi! Ginseng exhibit contact ahead of schedule please, preferential arrangement is exhibited! Contact: Jiang Huaxian gives birth to a mobile telephone: 86-13501319992 seeks advice from a hot line: 86-10-58236544 graph article faxes: 86-10-58236544 E-mail/MSN:bRoad of center of north of area of rising sun of Beijing of of limited company of Zhen Wei exhibition of Beijing E of 170 triumphal cities 801-803 room postcode: 100101 2 7 years 00 on May 15 information source:
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