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Tool of garden of major of 2008 Russia international and horticultural expositio
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One, show time: On March 3, 2008 - 06 days (annual, current it is the 7th) 2, exhibition place: Russia Moscow alls alone Keniji exhibits a center 3, cable of wire of ◆ of content of item on display (cable of power of high school low pressure, oil field, mining industry, how to prevent special) , products of cable of special type wire, wire (civil, industrial, electric power is used, communication is used) , cable (line) special machine, wire makes insulating material, fastener, installation and cable of wire of professional tool ◆ , fiber-optic cable reach ◆ of material of finish machining machinery, raw material and auxiliary treatment to measure accuse a technology, detect project and accessory of cable of wire of experimental equipment ◆ , ; ◆ relevant domain 4, extend meeting scope (2007, the 6th) : Before Russia reachs alone in couplet system nation the most professional the biggest wire cable, wire exhibits an area: 7000 meters of ² ; Ginseng postpone business: 170 (come from 20 nations of world, the ginseng that has 90% exhibits business to decide to attend 07 to exhibit continuously meeting) the person that look around: 10, 000 people (exhibit can open to professional audience only) 5, sign up end: On August 30, 2007 6, exhibition brief introduction: (exhibition of material of cabled yarn of the biggest 2008 the most professional line) this exhibition is sponsorred by the MVK company with well-known Russia, got academy of industry of cable of Russian federal wire, of the sources of energy of association of Russia wire cable and Russian Federation and industrial ministry support energetically, this is exhibited can establish 7 years to come oneself, dimensions and consequence expand increasingly, already developed before becoming Russia to reach alone exhibition of the wire cable with the the biggest, most professional district of couplet system state, wire, exhibition is opened to professional personage only, it is the accepted product inside domain of international wire cable, wire before entering Russia to reach alone the most efficient way of market of couplet system nation. Russia is the world go up one of markets of the greatest electric power, power industry very develop, newest the news that announce, russia has the wire cable project of millions of kilometers to will be built. The wire cable with existing at the same time Russia has been used old, need changes in time. The government that reach Russia reachs favourable policy to taking seriously of visit course of study highly, company of production of equipment of Chinese wire cable, wire will be in Russia the perspective of the market is very wide, of market of Russian wire cable, wire tremendous purchase ability and development latent capacity, to China manufacturing company exports Russia market to create but superexcellent chance; This major is exhibited can is to be China to produce an enterprise to enter Russian market, dig the optimal platform of Russian collaboration latent capacity deep. My company is to exhibit the exclusive promotion orgnaization that can sponsor the Chinese zone that just recognizes, full-fledged member is in charge of this postponing the domestic flutter job of the meeting. Exhibit finite, ask as soon as possible to sign up. 8, contact: Miss Xu address: Area of Beijing rising sun is vast canal door Wai Street 8 B 209 rooms postcode: 100022 phones: (010) 58614272, 13261626351 faxes: (010) 58614251 emails: network address: Beijing east exhibits related limited company of exhibition of acute auspicious international meeting: International oil gas kind exhibition: New Zealand oil, natural gas, petrifaction reached exhibition of its technology equipment in September 2007 the 17th Kuwait international is petro-chemical in October 2007 reach exhibition of the sources of energy in December 2007 chief of a tribe of couplet of the 14th A (enlighten do obeisance to) international oil, natural gas and petrifaction technology exhibition are Libyan in December 2007 commerce of energy resources of international project and oil, natural gas, power, natural gas exhibition. In April 2008 Iranian international oil, natural gas reachs petrifaction exhibition. May 2008 Pakistan international oil, natural gas reachs exhibition of the sources of energy. May 2008 Egypt border oil, natural gas exhibition and conference 2008 oil of international of the 6th Syria, natural gas exhibition (SYROIL2008) in April 2008 exhibition of American international oil, natural gas (OTC) machinery of project of equipment of Indian international mining, electric machinery, oil, general industry reached material to handle exhibition international major 2007 conduit kind exhibition: The 7th Russia is professional 2008 international conduit exhibition (construction of international major cop, steel tube, conduit machinery equipment, fluid machinery, safeguard detect reach cop to carry exhibition) international major pump, a powerful person, compressor reachs fittings exhibition: 2007 Russia international pump, a powerful person, compressor and fittings exhibition (PCVEXPO) company name: International of auspicious of Beijing Oriental acute shows a company
Contact: Miss Xu
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