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The 9th China (Dongguan) international spin makes the clothing technology is exh
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Spin of the largest international controls Hua Na area technology exhibits the garment (2200 are exhibited, 45000 square metre)

On March 5, 2008- 8 days

Guangdong contemporary international exhibits a center (Dongguan large market)

The 9th China (Dongguan) international spin makes the clothing technology is exhibited

The 9Th (Dongguan)Int’l Textile&Clothing Industry Fair

Approve an unit: Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China

Sponsor an unit:

Hong Kong dispatch tells exhibition company (the dispatch that bourse of Hong Kong combination appears on the market is connected accuse a limited company member)

Paper Communication Exhibition Services

Shanghai dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company (hit Pu Lu square of a treasures orchid on the west building 1005 rooms)

Tel: 021-63045419-277 (extension) Fax: 021-64181136

Contact: 13761491146 E-mail:f of Mr Feng

Market information:

One, China already joined world trade, the market grows flourishingly, each enterprise is about to promote competition ability, indispensible newer facility and search optimal raw material;

2, Dongguan is the industrial base with Hua Na the hugest district, of raw material of each manufacturing industry and equipment purchase a center;

3, Dongguan and adjacent area are of all kinds textile, dress, shoe kind, bag kind, the production of inwrought, ministrant fittings and treatment focus the land;

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