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Component of car of Hong Kong international and fittings are exhibited
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Component of the largest car exhibits Hong Kong

Time: 2008.4.28-5.1

Place: Asian international reads extensively house

Component of car of Hong Kong international and fittings are exhibited

Sponsor an unit / Organized By

Dispatch tells exhibition company (the dispatch that bourse of Hong Kong combination appears on the market is connected accuse a limited company member)

Shanghai dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company (home signs up)

TEL: 021-63045419-277(extension)

FAX: 021-64181136

Contact: Feng YiGentleman 13761491146

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At the exhibition of component of car of Hong Kong international that held first 2006, achievement shining, become the great event inside the course of study that holds the balance inside the area, also offerred an international to trade for car component platform.

The whole world is fixed eyes on

Component of car of Hong Kong international was exhibited 2007 attract global various places numerous elite is attended, this person that grand meeting can satisfy industry needs enough evidence, develop inside advantageous course of study. Exhibit the firm ginseng that comes from 15 countries and area is shared to exhibit on the meeting, among them 162 come from outside Hong Kong condition, include company of 122 China inland, component of visible inland car the development latent capacity of course of study is very rich and generous.
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