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How does market of pump of force god report expand
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How does market of pump of force god report expand Successful case in recent years, market competition is intense with each passing day. But the market share of limited company is enlarging line of business of pump of god of force of Daqing oil field ceaselessly however. In home, the Bohai Sea, Xinjiang, Nanhai western wait to be brought into ceaselessly new market range; Be in abroad, sudan, Indonesian market is ceaseless and outspread. 2005 advocate business Wu income more than yuan 500 million, the history that founds a factory 25 years to come is new tall, among them overseas market income is occupied nearly 70% , this company station arrived to last the high starting point of efficient development.
The lifeline of enterprise of quality ——— hold together
In the practice of development market, limited company profundity realises line of business of force god pump: Product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, the enterprise that does not have high quality product does not have the market necessarily, lose existent base necessarily.
The segment that electric pump produces is much, content of science and technology is high, the part with tiny any gave an issue, can affect the quality of the product, the user affects the reputation of the enterprise to the slight dissatisfactory metropolis of the product, can affect more the sale portion of the market. Groom through time of half an year and prepare, this company runs a system at starting “5S” formally this year in March. This includes “ to arrange, rectify, sweep, the administrative system of element of ”5 of clean, accomplishment, each link that makes produce more normative, consecution, the standardization that increased a worker operates a level.
Go oily report pump is the product with very high content of a science and technology, and ask to working environment compare slashing, the dirt in manufacturing workshop, humidity cannot exceed bid. The shoe that wears even operation personnel is appropriative. The degree that assembles clean ” of “ of electric machinery component examines with calico.
To raise the precision of the product, realize a product 0 blemish, squad leader of electric machinery squad observes carefully to lumen of electric machinery axis, consider the lumen of electric machinery axis that how raises this naked eye to lose sight of repeatedly inside clean degree, he with old working experience, be in with before paragraph on solder one small cut, wrap the plain white cloth that is stained with the mark that change rust next above, wipe lumen of electric machinery axis repeatedly, go up till calico cannot see a bit ash is slash.
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