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Fountainhead heats up pump aircrew to challenge traditional and indoor air condi
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The high-power fountainhead that aircrew of fountainhead hot pump challenges case of success of traditional and indoor air conditioning to move production engineering limited company to develop by Dalian Ao Dekong heats up pump aircrew to passed technical appraisement recently. According to introducing, this product is a kind but sewage of groundwater, industry and briny translate into the new-style equipment of source of cold heat energy. The heat addition of volume of group of cold heat engine of its report drive, refrigeration is an organic whole, losing temperature to all can be achieved centigrade 20 degrees of above, and 1/4 what what need to use the heat addition that is a tradition only, refrigeration with charge of electricity, and do not have any environmental pollution. The applied principle of this equipment is passed for system of compressor of have the aid of waste a few electric energy, the low grade heat energy in fountainhead extraction comes out, turn high grade into heat energy, supply indoor heating and air conditioning system; Aircrew and system run reversely, can draw indoor more than heat, in releasing subterranean soil or water, reduce the goal of indoor temperature in order to achieve. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)

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