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Pump of the abide that hold report in the palm is transformed successfully
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Pump of the abide that hold report in the palm transforms testimony successfully to grow pump technology actual strength Successful case holds a gram in the palm to hold the priority discipline that power plant project is development of economy of national center-west region in the palm. Hold a gram in the palm to hold a power plant in the palm 2 period installed capacity covers with tiles for 2×60 myriad, I grow pump to supply circular water pump for its, began to move 2003 generate electricity.

Try in abide pump aircrew when moving, mix the damage that vibration exists in the course running after turning over and causes certain part. Leader length pump and design personnel take seriously very much, undertake be discussed actively and study with concerned respect to the spot for many times, the spectrum that also consults data of vibration of courtyard of division of China north cable is measured at the same time analyses a result, exclude other account, consider as abide revolution speed 425 turn / minute exorbitant and cause systematic resonance to cause. Move to ensure aircrew safety is stable, grow the experience with old pump according to me, the platoon does not fall besides owner rotate speed adds the program that spits a bridge that return power, fell electric machinery rotate speed 370 turn / minute. Such, OK below the circumstance that in former pump foundation the cylindrical shell outside mixing does not alter, use already ran good existing mould in other project, change only partial rotor component, shorten greatly transform cycle. Need only at the same time will electric machinery pole is counted by 14 extremely instead 16 extremely, power of electromotor form a complete set still changeless, electric machinery bears axial thrust and thrust of the biggest axial make corresponding adjustment again, transform a quantity below the premise that makes sure aircrew moves normally so relatively least, already economy quick. Transform finish up to now, aircrew moves normally all the time, the oscillatory value that measures a place individually already all reached national level, owner is very satisfactory. This is another successful case that I grow pump abide pump to transform a project. Current, in power system the personage inside a lot of course of study knows what hold a gram in the palm this to hold a power plant in the palm to transform scored a success, its transform plan to become other power plant to appear similar case transforms draw lessons from plan. Transform this, reflected the actual strength on long pump technology. The brainpower that hopes to grow pump can carry out academic union better, accumulate valuable experience ceaselessly, make larger contribution to grow pump technology to innovate. Information source: Release a person: Supplier of Chinese pump industry [examine a comment] (already had 0 comment on)
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